Measures Packaging Ref. Presentation
10 x 5 cm 20 UI 134905 Clinical packaging 4 IU
10 x 10 cm 12 UI 140211 Clinical packaging 3 IU
10 x 10 cm 36 IU 111689 Individual
10 x 15 cm 36 IU 111732 Individual

Naturfix® Non-woven fix adhesive

Optimal gripping of gauze, dressings and tubes

Indications for use:

Optimal gripping of gauze, dressings and tubes

Fixing of dressings, catheters and protection of sutures.

BACKING: White, elastic and porous non-woven fabric that allows the skin to breathe.

ADHESIVE: Adhesive made with acrylic copolymers that minimise the occurrence of allergic reactions.

PROTECTIVE PAPER: White silicone paper with a cut to facilitate application.

Features and Benefits:
  • Kind to the skin: hypoallergenic water-based adhesive
  • Minimises trauma: when the adhesive is removed, leaving no residue on the skin
  • Good adaptability to the contour: elastic support
  • Promotes proper skin transpiration: the backing and the adhesive have free pores that allow the passage of water vapour and other gases
  • Maximum hygiene: the glossy paper film is pre-cut at the centre, facilitating the application of Naturfix® without the need to touch the backing with your hands


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