Measures Presentation Ref. Packaging
5 x 7 cm 100 IU hospital package 156922 5 E.H.
10 x 10 cm 80 IU hospital package 156923 5 E.H.
15 x 10 cm 80 IU hospital package 156924 4 E.H.
20 x 10 cm 80 IU hospital package 156925 4 E.H.

Skin-fixe® Transparent adhesive dressing

Cares for and protects acute wounds

Indications for use:

Care and protection for acute wounds

Wound protection and exudate absorption with perfect fit even in difficult-to-bandage areas.

Acts by minimising trauma during dressing changes and avoids dragging the tissues generated in the epithelialisation process when removing the dressing.

The Polyurethane backing acts as an antibacterial barrier and allows the skin to breathe.

The layer in contact with the skin is made of non-adherent polyethylene and the absorbent layer is made of non-irritant and non-sensitising viscose in contact with the skin according to ISO 10993-10:1995. Classification according to RD 1591/2009: Class I sterile.

Features and Benefits:
  • Skin-friendly adhesive backing: the hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive is arranged in a way that leaves free pores evenly distributed over the entire surface to promote proper skin transpiration and avoid maceration
  • Atraumatic removal: minimises trauma to the wound, perilesional skin and patient pain at dressing change, as it does not adhere to the wound bed
  • Ready to use: the dressing consists of an absorbent central pad and an adhesive backing to ensure fixation; therefore no handling or additional material is required
  • Rectangular waterproof format: allows the patient to be cleaned without removing the dressing thanks to the polyurethane film backing


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