We are Bimedica

We are Bimedica, a family business specialising in medical devices. We have a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of different health services and we are leaders in products specializing in infection control and geriatrics.

Our mission is to respond to your needs by listening to you, involving ourselves as much as possible in the design and development of our products, offering you security through compliance with all applicable regulations and certifications.

Our vision is to be a leading company in the health sector, offering solutions that facilitate the work of professionals and improve the quality of life of patients.

Would you like to get to know us a little better?

30 years with you


Bimedica Foundation


Hospital Division and Infection Control Specialists


Division of Geriatrics and New Surgical Drapes


Bimedica opens its new corporate headquarters in Barcelona


New ABS Pants, the first adult pant type diapers to be financed


New offices in Madrid and Lisbon. 150 professionals at your service


New logistics center in Esparraguera


Filsan® your hospital clothes made from recycled bottles


Inauguration of our new surgical procedure pack factory

Bimedica in the world

Our headquarters and logistics centre in Barcelona centralizes operations and distributes our products daily to customers in Spain, Portugal and more than 27 countries around the world. In addition, this year we have opened new offices in Madrid and Lisbon in order to be closer and continue to improve our service to customers.

We want to offer the best service and to do this we must be with you, accompanying you in your daily work. This is why we have commercial offices throughout the Iberian Peninsula, including Portugal.

"to improve the day-to-day lives of healthcare professionals and their patients"

Bimedica in figures




More and more customers trust us.





We have a steady background in continuous growth.




10 catalogues at your disposal with a wide range of products.




We are trusted by the main hospital purchasing groups.




We form part of the major geriatric groups.




Every year we participate in the most important congresses in the sector.

We believe in a better world

In line with our Code of Conduct to protect healthcare professionals, we share the same commitment to the environment around us.

¡At Bimedica we have decided to say goodbye to plastic bottles and single-use products in our offices!

We are committed to having a “P.E.T. Free” workspace with sustainable corporate bottles.

We have replaced our conventional coffee for an ecological one with biodegradable cups and spoons.

Our entire company fleet consists of hybrid cars.

The energy we use in Bimedica comes from renewable energy sources.

In addition, we are continuously developing environmentally friendly products in order to promote sustainability.

Some of these products are:

The gloves  Sensiflex® , our biodegradable nitrile gloves that provide 90% degradation in just 490 days compared to the more than 100 years it takes for a nitrile glove to biodegrade.

Filsan® clothing, , made from recycled plastic bottles, is a product based on the circular economy that, once its useful life is over, is shredded and serves as raw material for the next piece of clothing, thus avoiding the generation of waste.

The new Naturdrape® procedure packs allow to group in the same package all the necessary components for a surgical procedure avoiding that the products come individually packaged and therefore reducing waste.

Our ABS® incontinence pants are made of cellulose from sustainable FSC forests and are free of harmful substances for both people and the environment.

We are a member of the Ecoembes Integrated Management System, certifying our packaging with the green dot.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to help you take care of your patients. That’s why we work every day with our technical department so that our products meet your expectations and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and certifications.

ISO 13485:

Medical devices and quality management system.

ISO 9001:

Quality management systems.

ISO 14001:

Environmental management systems.

To request our Quality, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention Policy click here: calidad@bimedica.com

Bimedica is adhered to the Ethical Code of Fenin.

Empresa adherida al código ético de Fenin

Código Ético

At BIMEDICA we believe that ethical behavior is the basis for continuing to build a stable and prosperous organization. Therefore, we promote an organizational cultura based on the values that define us and the principles that should guide our actions and our relationship with the environment. Our values and principles are set out in our Code of Ethics, which you can download here.