Skin-fixe® Strip Wound Closure Strip

Breathable wound closure strips

Indications for use:

Breathable wound closure strips

Non-invasive suture for the close-up of wound edges.

Support and relief of subcutaneous sutures, staples or repetitive sutures in the same area.

Particularly recommended for children and the elderly.

The dressing can be left for up to 7 days, unless otherwise specified by the doctor.

Features and Benefits:
  • Breathable: the hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive is arranged in such a way that it leaves free pores evenly distributed over the entire surface, helping to minimise possible maceration of the skin
  • Easy to apply: silicone paper support that allows the strips to be placed without wrinkling
  • Kind to the skin: the acrylic adhesive is hypoallergenic, suitable even for the most sensitive skins
  • High adaptability: adjusts to the contour of the body and accompanies movements without involuntarily detaching: high fibre flexibility
  • Repositionable strips: the adhesive allows the strip to be peeled off and reaffixed in the correct position
Measures Presentation Ref. Packaging
4 X 38 mm 50 envelopes x 8 strips 145797 16 IU
4 X 76 mm 50 envelopes x 8 strips 145798 16 IU
6,4 X 76 mm 50 envelopes x 6 strips 145799 16 IU
6,4 X 102 mm 50 envelopes x 10 strips 145800 16 IU
13 X 102 mm 50 envelopes x 6 strips 145801 16 IU
26 X 102 mm 50 envelopes x 4 strips 145802 16 IU


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