Measures Packaging Ref.
0: Small fingers 66 IU 130348
1: Big fingers, hands, and small wrists 66 IU 130349
2: Hands and feet 66 IU 130350
3: Arms, legs, elbows and medium trunk 66 IU 130351
4: Head and thighs 66 IU 130352
5: Hips, abdomen, chest and small perineum 54 IU 130353
6: Hip, abdomen, chest, and medium perineum 54 IU 130354
7: Large perineum and medium trunk 36 IU 130355
8-9:Very large perineum and large truck 36 IU 130356
10: Extra large perineum 18UI 147943

Novofix® Tubular Mesh Bandage

Easy and quick to fit

Indications for use:

Easy and quick to fit

Dressing fixation

Immobilisation and traction bandages

Support or covering on adhesive, plaster or cushioned bandages

Prevents the formation of oedemas

Features and Benefits:
  • Polyester-coated natural rubber thread
  • Reticular structure: Allows cutting in any direction without fraying and gives the product a high transverse elasticity, providing a uniform pressure that does not compromise blood circulation
  • Highly comfortable and adaptable to different areas of the body.
  • Resistant to the action of fluids.


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