Measures Ref. Packaging
22,5 x 15cm 122864 48 bags
14 x 15cm 151168 48 bags

Novofix® Instant cold pack

Immediate effect when pack is squeezed tightly

Indications for use:

Immediate effect when pack is squeezed tightly

The instant cold pack is designed to be applied as a first aid measure for contusions and trauma to relieve pain and reduce possible swelling of the affected body area

With its easy-to-activate system, it does not need to be pre-cooled and can therefore be used anywhere and at any time

Features and Benefits:
  • Extra-strong plastic pack: Thermo-sealed edges, anti-drip pack
  • Easy activation system: The extra-strong pack contains water and a small device containing urea. When the pack is squeezed firmly the device releases the urea, which mixes with the water and causes an endothermic reaction, making the pack cool down. The therapeutic cold effect is maintained for about 40 minutes


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