Measures Ref. Packaging
27 x 15 cm 122865 20 bags
18 x 12 cm 132935 48 bags

Novofix® Cold-hot pack

High adaptability to body contours

Indications for use:

High adaptability to body contours

Thermotherapy: sedative and relaxant; reduces muscle and joint pain; reduces muscle spasm

Cryotherapy: relieves pain and reduces inflammation

Reusable cold-hot packs: Put the reusable pack in the freezer at -12 ºC Put the pack in the microwave or heat in water to +60 ºC

Thermostable gel that maintains temperature for up to 30 minutes

Features and Benefits:
  • THERMOSTABLE GEL: Reaches a comfortable temperature which is maintained throughout the therapy, approximately 30 minutes
  • EXTRA-THICK PLASTIC: Helps protect skin from contact burns
  • GREAT ADAPTABILITY: To any part of the body


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