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Sensiflex® Bio Biodegradable powder free nitrile examination gloves

For clinical practices without sterility protocol that require high protection

Indications for use:

  • For tasks requiring high tactile sensitivity
  • High protection against microorganisms and fluids. Complies with standards: EN 374-1,2,5; ISO 16604;
  • High protection against certain chemicals and cytostatics. Complies with: EN 374-1,2,4; EN 16523-1; ASTM D 6978-05.
  • Ergonomics and comfort: we believe that comfort for the healthcare professional is fundamental, which is why we are very demanding in terms of ergonomics. It complies with the following standards: EN 455-2, EN420.
  • Protection against radiation contamination by particles En 421
  • Biodegradability determination of the glove ASTM D5526; ASTM D5511
  • Care for the skin of the healthcare professional by minimising agents that can cause allergies and/or irritation. Complies with standard: EN 455-3.

SensiFlex® Bio gloves contain an organic additive that is particularly susceptible to degradation by microorganisms in landfill.
Once the bacteria consume the glove, allowing the remaining material to degrade naturally.

Features and Benefits:
  • Quality guaranteed: We carry out extensive testing to ensure the high quality of all our gloves. They comply with current standards, including EN 455-1,4.
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Firm grip on instruments: even in the presence of fluids thanks to the micro-textured outer surface on the fingers
  • Easy to put on: the inner part of the glove is treated with an internal polymeric coating to make it smooth and soft
  • Maximum comfort for the wearer: the long cuff with rounded trim helps the glove fit snugly around the wrist


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