Size Box dispenser Ref. Packaging
XS 100 IU 155161 10
S 100 IU 155162 10
M 100 IU 155163 10
L 100 IU 155164 10
XL 100 IU 155165 10

Sensiflex® Deep Blue Dust-free nitrile

For tasks requiring high touch sensitivity

Indications for use:

For tasks requiring high tactile sensitivity

High protection against microorganisms and fluids. Complies with: EN 374-1,2,5; ISO 16604; ASTM F 1670; ASTM F 1671.

High protection against certain chemicals and cytostatics. Complies with: EN 374-1,2,4; EN 16523-1; ASTM D 6978-05.

Ergonomics and comfort: we believe that comfort for the healthcare professional is fundamental, which is why we are very demanding in terms of ergonomics. It complies with the following standards: EN 455-2, EN 420.

Care for the health professional's skin, minimising the agents that can cause allergies and/or irritations. Complies with standard: EN 455-3.

Features and Benefits:
  • Quality guaranteed: We carry out extensive testing to ensure the high quality of all our gloves. They comply with current standards, including EN 455-1,4.
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Firm grip on instruments: even in the presence of fluids thanks to the micro-textured outer surface on the fingers
  • Easy to put on: the inside of the glove is treated with an internal polymeric coating to make it smooth and soft
  • Maximum comfort for the wearer: the long cuff with rounded trim helps the glove fit snugly around the wrist


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