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1L bottle 160032 10 jars

Amzyme® 3 3 Enzyme Detergent

Detergent for cleaning medical, surgical, dental and endoscopic equipment

Indications for use:

1. Make a 0.5-1.0% (5-10 mL/L) solution of Amzyme 3 with water and for further cleaning make a 4% (40 mL/L) solution.
2. Soak for 5- 15 minutes in the solution (3 minutes if ultrasonic agitation is used) at a temperature between 20 °C and 40 °C. Make sure that all spaces and voids are completely filled with the solution and that there are no air pockets.
3. Clean all parts of the device: washing, brushing or scrubbing, depending on the material.

Features and Benefits:

Neutral, concentrated biological detergent using a blend of three enzymes with synergistic surfactants with broad material compatibility eliminating residues.
Low toxicity.
Pleasant odour.
Non-corrosive. No damage to delicate coatings.
Compatible with hard water.


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