Measures Presentation Ref. Packaging
6cm x 2.5m Cellophane units 136870 80 IU
6cm x 2.5m clinical pack 136873 12 IU
8cm x 2.5m Cellophane units 136871 80 IU
8cm x 2.5m clinical pack 136874 12 IU
10cm x 2.5m Cellophane units 136872 40 IU
10cm x 2.5m clinical pack 136875 12 IU

Sanitinas® Hospitalaria Hospital elastic adhesive bandage

High-elasticity bandage with hypoallergenic adhesive

Indications for use:

High-elasticity bandage with hypoallergenic adhesive

Medium-duration compression bandage to correct joint injuries requiring partial immobilisation

Functional bandage intended to mechanically limit the mobility of a joint, reduce painful manifestations and prevent oedema

Durable compression bandage in varicose processes and oedemas

Features and Benefits:
  • The hydrophobic cotton backing makes the bandage highly adaptable to any area of the body. The distribution of the adhesive on the porous backing material makes the skin transpire easily, avoiding the risk of maceration.
  • The edges of the bandage are non-hemmed and soft, minimising irritation to the patient's skin. Easy and painless to remove thanks to the hypoallergenic adhesive.
  • With a coloured line in the centre that facilitates the application of the bandage.
  • The bandage is rolled on a polyethylene core with atraumatic rounded edges, which do not cause injury to the hands of healthcare professionals when unrolling. Silicone separator paper is available for easy handling.
  • Backing: 100% radiolucent cotton that allows cutting without fraying and regular compression over the entire surface.
  • Adhesive: Synthetic adhesive with latex-free zinc oxide.


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