Format Colour Absorption Size Measures Units Ref.
Lady Pants nude moderate Medium 80 - 120 cm 8 bags de 12 UI 196756.5
Lady Pants nude moderate Large 110 - 150 cm 8 bags de 12 UI 196757.2
Maxi Pants white severe Medium 80 - 120 cm 8 bags de 14 UI 196752.7
Maxi Pants white severe Large 110 - 150 cm 8 bags de 14 UI 196753.4
Plus Pants white medium Medium 80 - 120 cm 8 bags de 14 UI 196754.1
Plus Pants white medium Large 110 - 150 cm 8 bags de 14 UI 196755.8

ABS® Pants Fit

Specially designed for active mobile people

Indications for use:

Easy to use: they are simple to apply and remove. In addition, they have blue threads that identify the back, and the side seams can be easily ripped for removal like a traditional absorbent pad.

We have 3 types of Pants Fit:

  • Maxi: Specially designed for the night
  • Plus: Specifically designed for everyday use.
  • Lady: Specially designed for women

Features and Benefits:

Elastic waistband: combination of lycra and non-woven.
Absorbent core:

  • First layer (layer in contact with the skin): soft fabric, made of polypropylene fibres. This layer dries quickly and helps to keep moisture away from the skin.
  • Second layer (acquisition and distribution layer): polypropylene layer that accelerates the absorption of urine and helps the distribution of urine into the absorbent core.
  • Third layer (absorbent core): combination of cellulose and sodium polyacrylate that forms a double absorbent core.
  • Fourth layer (safety layer): semi-permeable polyethylene layer, which retains the fluid and at the same time allows air to pass through and the skin to perspire.  It prevents liquid from seeping through and staining clothing.
  • Fifth layer (comfort layer): outer layer of polypropylene that confers softness and prevents the absorbent from making noise when walking, providing discretion to the patient.

Anti-leakage barriers: polypropylene non-woven fabric.


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