Stiffness Level Ref. Packaging
Soft (soft) S: 25x90x420 130360 84 IU
Soft (soft) M: 25x90x480 130361 84 IU
Soft (soft) L: 25x90x550 130362 84 IU
Medium (semi-rigid) S: 25x90x420 130363 84 IU
Medium (semi-rigid) M: 25x90x480 130364 84 IU
Medium (semi-rigid) L: 25x90x550 130365 84 IU
Hard (rigid) S: 20x90x420 130366 84 IU
Hard (rigid) M: 20x90x480 130367 84 IU
Hard (rigid) L: 20x90x550 130368 84 IU

Novofix® Cervical Neck Brace

Foam padding for maximum comfort

Indications for use:

Foam padding for maximum comfort

Polyurethane foam covered with a cotton tubular mesh

Adjustable with Velcro

Packed in an individual plastic bag

Medium foam density

Features and Benefits:
  • Anatomical
  • The composition of the foam facilitates a high level of transpiration, avoiding possible skin alterations.
  • 100% cotton textile coating with high dermal tolerance that facilitates the absorption of sweat
  • Velcro fastening that facilitates application, fixation and removal.
  • Reusable. Washable at temperatures below 30 ºC
  • The collar is accompanied by a protective 100% cotton cover to prevent soiling. Low-density polyurethane foam


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