Novamed® Vir+ Solution

Ideal for hygienic pre-surgical disinfection

Indications for use:

  • Hygienic hand disinfection: 
Apply 3 ml of Novamed® Vir+ Solution to dry hands and rub for 30 seconds until completely dry.
  • Pre-surgical hand disinfection
Apply 3 ml of Novamed® Vir+ Solution to clean hands and forearms. Rub for 45 seconds until completely dry. Repeat the same procedure with another 3 ml

Features and Benefits:
They comply with the following standards: 
  • Hygienic hand antisepsis (EN 1500), pre-surgical hand antisepsis (EN 12791), bactericidal (EN 13727), fungicidal (EN 13624), mycobactericidal (EN 14348) and fully virucidal (EN 14476). 
  • (EN 13624), mycobactericidal (EN 14348) and fully virucidal (EN 14476).
  • Liquid format 
  • Excellent skin tolerance, contains no dyes or fragrances, respects the pH and increases skin hydration with regular use of the solution.
  • Broad spectrum for effective hand disinfection.
  • Fully virucidal
  • AEMPS Registration No.: 992-DES
Presentation Ref. Content Packaging
Bouteille avec bouchon 157628 100ml 24UI
Bouteille avec bouchon 157629 500ml 12UI
Bouteille avec bouchon 157630 1000ml 12UI


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