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Novamed® Skincare Moisturising Cream

Daily nourishment

Indications for use:

Daily nourishment

Nourishes and softens the skin. Daily use.

Moisturising cream specially indicated for sensitive skin, bringing softness and hydration to the skin.

Its formulation makes it quickly absorbed and its texture is non-greasy.

Its formulation is formed by emollient ingredients that form an occlusive film on the skin, keeping it hydrated, avoiding the loss of water and giving the skin a silky touch.  

Features and Benefits:
  • The presence of isopropyl myristate in its formulation confers a low viscosity and an excellent extension capacity, avoiding a greasy and sticky effect.
  • Maximum hydration: contains fatty alcohols that prevent water loss from the skin and isopropyl myristrate that provides a silky, non-greasy feel to the skin
  • Fast absorption
  • The formulation of Novamed Skincare creams is gentle on the patient's skin


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