Nex Clorex C2 Antiseptic soap solution with 4% CHG

Recommended concentration for pre-operative hand washing (4% CHG)

Indications for use:

Recommended concentration for pre-operative hand washing (4% CHG)

Registration No: 796-DES

Composition in 100g: Chlorhexidine Digluconate 20% (20g). Purified water and excipients (up to 100g).

Antiseptic action against bacteria

Features and Benefits:
  • Compliance with the following European standards: EN 12791; EN 12054; EN 1040; EN 1650
  • Several associations, including the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine in its guide to the use of antiseptics, recommend that on the same day as surgery the patient be washed all over the body with 4% Chlorhexidine soap
Presentation Content Ref. Packaging
1 IU 500 ml 151181 24, 500 ml bottles + 6 pumps
1 IU 1000 ml 151182 12, 1000 ml bottles + 3 pumps


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