Presentation Content Ref. Packaging
1 IU 3 mL 151333 10 units
1 IU 10.5 mL 151334 8 units
1 IU 26 mL 151335 6 units

Nex Clorex 2% PREP COLOR Antiseptic applicator tinted with CHG 2% and IPA 70%.

Sterile surgical applicator for effective skin cleansing prior to surgery

Indications for use:

Indicated for the antisepsis of healthy skin prior to puncture in the preoperative field

Contains dye for a better visualisation of the treated area

Broad spectrum of action and biocidal effect

Applicator subjected to a terminal sterilisation process by ethylene oxide

Features and Benefits:
  • Complies with standards: EN 12791; EN 12054; EN 1500; EN 1275; EN 1040; EN 13727; EN 13624
  • Orange colour allows easy visualisation of the treated surface and avoidance of non-antiseptic areas
  • Fast and persistent action: perfect symbiosis between the fast action provided by isopropyl alcohol and the long-lasting antimicrobial activity of Chlorhexidine
  • General antisepsis of the healthy skin of the operative field, preparation of the puncture areas


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