Measures Presentation Colour Ref. Packaging
5 m x 1,25 cm Individual box Skin 110313 384 IU
5 m x 2,5 cm Individual box Skin 110320 400 IU
5 m x 5 cm Individual box Skin 110901 120 IU
5 m x 1,25 cm Individual box White 110096 120 IU
5 m x 2,5 cm Individual box White 110027 400 IU
5 m x 5 cm Individual box White 110224 120 IU
5m x 1,25 cm E.C. 24 IU White 123867 20 C.E.
5m x 2,5 cm E.C. 18 IU White 111798 12 C.E.
5m x 5 cm E.C. 6 IU White 123869 20 C.E.
9,14 m x 10 cm E.C. 4 IU White 112336 12 C.E.

Naturplast® Fabric plaster

High level of fixation

Indications for use:

High level of fixation

Fixation of dressings and functional bandages.

Support: Viscose fabric. Its zig-zag edge makes it easy to tear both lengthwise and crosswise. Its porous surface allows the normal perspiration of the skin, thus avoiding the risk of maceration.

Adhesive: Highly hypoallergenic natural rubber and zinc oxide adhesive with high skin tolerance and high adhesiveness. The linear arrangement of the adhesive on the substrate facilitates skin transpiration and makes its removal easy and residue-free.

Features and Benefits:
  • High level of fixation: fabric backing and natural rubber adhesive
  • Zig-zag border
  • Allows proper skin transpiration: the backings and adhesives that make up this range have evenly distributed pores, permeable to water vapour, oxygen and other gases
  • Leaves no residue on the skin: the adhesive backing is suitable for clean removal of the tape and leaves no residue on the skin
  • Easy to tear by hand: the backings that make up this range are designed so that no scissors are required and can be cut crosswise and lengthwise


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