Naturcare® Tex reusable absorbent bed pads

Effective bed protection

Indications for use:

Effective bed protection

Protects the patient's bed from urine and faeces in cases of incontinence.

Easy maintenance.

Long durability: allows a minimum of 150 wash cycles without losing its technical characteristics.

Oxygenated whiteners and bleaches can be used: do not use bleach with chlorine. 

Features and Benefits:
  • Do not use fabric softeners: as they can reduce the absorption capacity.
  • Minimises the risk of skin maceration: special stitching technology that enables a rapid dispersion of liquids by capillarity, facilitating the passage of liquid to the absorbent layer quickly and efficiently
  • Soft and fresh sensation: maximum comfort thanks to its 100% cotton layer
  • Prevents liquid leaks and preserves the mattress: high-strength polyvinyl
  • Firm attachment to the bed: Reinforced wings that avoid discomfort from movement when sleeping
  • Maximum absorption: its inner layer has a high liquid absorption capacity of up to 2.5 litres/m2, ensuring the patient is always dry and minimising the possibility of unpleasant odours
Measures Absorption Presentation Ref. Packaging
175x85cm 2,5l/m2 1 IU 133592 25 IU


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