Colour Weight Presentation Ref. Packaging
Nonwoven + CPE White Blue 40 g 1 IU 126332 10 bags x 500
shoe covers CPE Blue 30 g 1 IU 131111 10 bags x 100
Polypropylene Blue 30 g 1 IU 145741 10 bags x 100

Naturcare® Shoe covers with waterproof, non-slip sole

Designed to avoid slipping during surgeries with fluid

Indications for use:

Designed to avoid slipping during surgeries with fluid

Maximum hygiene: ensures hygiene by avoiding possible detachment of particles from shoes.

Material behaviour: · non-woven fabric: Spunbonded polypropylene: non-woven fabric, repelling fluids, blood and pathogenic germs Plastic: waterproof non-woven + embossed CPE (sole): non-slip and waterproof sole CPE: waterproof and non-slip sole

Complies with regulations: RD 1591/2009 for medical devices.

Features and Benefits:
  • Specially indicated for use in slippery areas
  • Safety when walking: non-slip sole


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