Naturcare® Hospital visit gown

Designed for hospital visits

Indications for use:

Designed for hospital visits

Complies with regulations: RD 1591/2009 for medical devices.

Made of polypropylene (PP): non-woven fabric repellent, fluid and microorganism repellent.

For hydrophobic gowns.

Features and Benefits:
  • Rear-fastening gown with tie at neck and waist
  • Long sleeve with adjustable rubber cuff
  • Correct fastening: two fastenings with ties (neck and waist)
  • Proper skin transpiration
  • One size fits all: the length and width measurements of the gown are loose so that they adequately and comfortably cover the body of any person
  • Possibility of sterilisation: if required, it can be sterilised with ethylene oxide
Colour Weight Presentation Ref. Packaging
Elastic cuff gown Green 20 g 1 IU 114116 10 bags x 10
Elastic cuff gown Blue 20 g 1 IU 140416 10 bags x 10
Polyester cuff gown Green 30 g 1 IU 128410 10 bags x 10
Polyester cuff gown Blue 30 g 1 IU 132508 10 bags x 10
Polyester cuff gown Green 30 g 1 IU 144311 10 bags x 10


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