Ref. Measures Units
165013 54x40x62 cm 1 UI


Smallest automated room decontamination system on the market

Indications for use:

Complete rooms decontaminated in just 40 minutes.

  • Clean the room by following your infection prevention protocols. Close windows and turn off ventilation and/or air conditioning equipment
  • Make sure the bottle is correctly positioned and enter the size of the room. Vacate the area and close all doors
  • The disinfectant solution is misted throughout the environment
  • The solution will remain exposed on each surface to eliminate pathogens.
  • Access the room with protective gear to ventilate the area. The safety time is only 15 minutes
  • Once the cycle is finished, the room can be used, and the process traceability report will be available for download


Features and Benefits:
  • Low-dose non-toxic H2O2, clinically proven disinfection
  • Lightweight and highly portable, perfect for small areas and ambulance
  • Non-toxic ? safer for people and surfaces
  • 3 preset levels of disinfection: Preventive ? Infected patient ? Bud
  • No need to seal rooms, or disable smoke or fire alarms
  • Ultra-fine dry steam technology allows for even distribution over all surfaces, without shadows or inaccessible areas
  • Process traceability software. Enables reporting on treatment compliance



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