Content Units
Sterile dressing 10 × 10cm 2 UI
Sterile dressing 20 × 20cm 2 UI
Sterile dressing 60 × 40cm 2 UI
Adhesive tape 24 mm × 5 m 1 UI
Scissors 1 UI
Latex gloves (2 pcs.) 1 UI
Hydrogel bottle 125ml 1 UI
Silver/Gold Thermal Blanket 1 UI
Dressing 2.5 x 50cm 1 UI
Dressing 5 x 100cm 1 UI
Support bandages 2 UI

Burnshield® Rescue Kit

Complete kit to act against burns

Indications for use:

Complete kit to act against burns

First Aid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

Minimises the impact of burns: prevents the spread of heat to deeper tissues, thanks to the gel formulation that keeps purified water over the wound at all times.

Antiseptic effect: the gel contains tea tree extract (Melaleuca alternifolia). Studies have confirmed the antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Malaleuca alternifolia gel.

Optimum wound hydration: the gel contains 96% purified water.

Features and Benefits:
  • 2 x Sterile dressings 10x10cm 2 x Sterile dressings 20x20cm 2 x Sterile dressings 60x40cm Adhesive tape 24mm x 5m Scissors Latex gloves (2 pcs.) Hydrogel bottle 125ml Silver/Gold Thermal Blanket Dressing 2.5 x 50cm Dressing 5 x 100cm 2 x Support bandages
  • Complete kit to act against burns
  • Great adaptability: there is a wide variety of formats to cover any part of the body
  • Atraumatic removal of the dressing: does not adhere to the wound bed
  • No need to remove clothes: the gel penetrates immediately
  • It does not interact with other products: compatible with any other treatment


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