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Skin-film PU I.V. 7x9 cm transparent dressing for fixation with 2 TST strips and 1 indicator label


Adhesive dressing for the fixation of catheters that allow the fixation of the catheter with safety, allowing the monitoring of the area, thanks to the transparent polyurethane support.

Measures Presentation Ref. Packaging
7 x 9 cm 100 IU 141849 16 IU
  • High transmission capacity of water vapour: The polyurethane file has a unique molecular breathable structure that facilitates the exchange of gas, minimizing the risk of maceration
  • Sterility: carefully designed to preserve cleanliness during its placement thanks to its application framework
  • Easy control of changing asepsis: label indicating the date and time
  • Easy placement: application framework that helps maintain the asepsis of the dressing during application and prevents creasing
  • Impermeability: this dressing is impermeable. The polyurethane film is an effective barrier against microorganisms and fluids, minimising the risk of infection at the insertion point
  • Minimizes dressing changes: thanks to the visualisation of the puncture site, allowing a dressing change every 7 days provided the dressing stays clean, dry, and adhered properly
  • Holds and stabilizes catheters to ensure that they don't move and minimize the risk of phlebitis and extravasations.
  • Especially indicated for the fixation of peripheral catheter.
  • Effective barrier to microorganisms.
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