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Dermoflex® Powder-free non-sterile latex exam gloves


Medical gloves for preventing cross infection in those healthcare practices that involve user-patient contact.

Size Box dispenser Ref. Packaging
XS 100 IU 133187 10
S 100 IU 128045 10
M 100 IU 128044 10
L 100 IU 128043 10
  • Maximum elasticity and adaptability

  • Maximum tactile sensitivity
  • Maximum user comfort: the long cuff with rounded edging helps the glove be properly placed around the wrist
  • Easy fit: internal part treated to give softness to the inside of the glove
  • High protection against microorganisms and fluids.
  • High protection against certain chemical products. Complies with regulations: EN 374-1,2-3; ASTM F 1670; ASTM F 1671.
  • Ergonomics and comfort: we believe that comfort for the healthcare professional is essential, so we are very demanding in regard to ergonomics.
  • Complies with regulations: EN 455-2, EN 420.
  • It cares for the skin of the healthcare professional healthcare minimizing agents that can produce allergies and/or irritations. Complies with regulation: EN 455-3
  • Guaranteed quality: we perform extensive testing to guarantee high quality in all our gloves. Complies with current regulations.
Technical characteristics
  • Natural latex low in latex-free proteins that minimize the risk of allergies. Natural latex color slightly yellow. Powder-free.
  • Free of certain additives. Which decreases the risk of allergies to accelerators and coagulants.
  • Ambidextrous. Non-sterile. Single use.
  • Gloves treated by a chlorination process that reduces the stickiness of the latex, thus facilitating the fit of the glove.
  • Long cuff with anatomically adjustable edging with rounded border.
  • Microtextured which facilitates the manipulation of instruments and increases grip strength, in both dry and wet.
  • Excellent resistance, elasticity, adaptability and tactile sensitivity.
  • A.Q.L. ≤ 1.5.
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