Measures Presentation Ref. Packaging
Assortment: - 7.5x5 cm
- 7.5x2.5 cm
- 4x4
- Knuckle
- Fingertip
- Outside finger
E.C. 100UI 121403 24 E.C.

Steroplast® Detectable adhesive strips

Detectable metal due to aluminium foil inside

Indications for use:

Detectable metal thanks to the aluminium foil inside

Protection, care and hygiene of small wounds; especially suitable for food handling.

Thanks to its blue colour, the strip is visually detectable and thanks to the aluminium foil inside, it can be detected by a metal detector.

Suitable for food contact.

BACKGROUND: Highly conformable and visually detectable blue polyethylene.

Features and Benefits:
  • ADHESIVE: Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive made from rosin esters and highly hypoallergenic thermoplastic copolymers.
  • Permits proper skin transpiration: the backing and adhesive that make up this range have evenly distributed pores, permeable to water vapour, oxygen and other gases
  • Leaves no residue on the skin: the adhesive backing anchor is suitable for clean removal of the adhesive strip and leaves no residue on the skin
  • Different ready-to-use formats: the Curatinas® range has a wide variety of sizes to facilitate the application of the adhesive strip without the need for handling
  • Patient comfort: removal of the adhesive strip is easy and painless


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