Measures Ref. Packaging
A: Newborn arms and feet 130326 36 IU
B: small hands and arms 130327 36 IU
C: medium arms and small ankles 130328 36 IU
D: Large arms, medium ankles and small knees 130329 36 IU
E: Large ankles, medium knees, and small thighs 130330 30 IU
F: Large knees and medium thighs 130331 30 IU
G: Large thighs 130332 24 IU
J: Slim truck 130335 15 IU
K: Medium trunk 130336 10 IU
L: Thick trunk 130337 6 IU
M: Very thick trunk 130965 6 IU

Novofix® Tubular Compression Bandage

Medium and uniform compression

Indications for use:

Medium and uniform compression

Post-operative bandage to prevent oedemas

Support bandage to relieve injuries to locomotor apparatus

Thermal support bandage for osteoarthritis

Thermal support bandage for osteoarthritis. Medium and uniform compression

Features and Benefits:
  • Support bandage to relieve injuries to locomotor apparatus
  • Continuous tubular bandage with permanent elasticity of medium, uniform and longitudinal compression
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • High percentage of cotton and elastomer fibres
  • Does not contain latex


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