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Novamed® Skincare Milk

Prevention and treatment of delicate and damaged skin

Indications for use:

Prevention and treatment of delicate and damaged skin

Care and protection of sensitive and fragile skin around ulcers.

Care of pressure and vascular ulcers.

Care of skin with cutaneous disorders of vascular origin in areas at risk of ulceration (diabetic foot).

Specially indicated for the prevention of diabetic foot and vascular ulcers, it notably improves the state of the skin in risk areas, preventing the occurrence of ulcers. Indicated in prevention of vascular ulcers (venous and arterial), prevention of diabetic foot ulcers, prevention of recurrences of diabetic foot and vascular ulcers, and care of fragile skin.

Features and Benefits:
  • Novamed milk is a product with an innovative and unique composition, with a high concentration of hyperoxygenated fatty acids: Linoleic, Oleic, Palmitic, other hyperixogenated fatty acids, Cyclomethicone, Vitamin E and other excipients.
  • Area to be treated: Novamed® Skincare Milk is indicated for the prevention of vascular ulcers, particularly lower extremities
  • Composition: Hyperoxygenated Fatty Acids with Silicone. Cyclomethicone, vitamin E, preservative, antioxidant, excipients
  • Presentation: Airless anti-contamination container (no air penetration inside the container) with self-sealing button, which guarantees optimal conditions for the preservation and stability of the emulsion, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination, and also allowing application of the product in all positions
  • Instructions for use: Make 1 or 2 applications of Novamed® Skincare Milk 2 or 3 times a day, on the areas at greatest risk of developing an ulcer, and spread the product with the fingertips to facilitate its application and absorption
  • Does not leave greasy residue: the volatile silicone facilitates the extensibility and dispersion of the HOFA. This way, there is greater absorption of active substances through the skin without leaving greasy residue, leading to an improved feeling of softness


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