Nexacetic Plus High-level disinfectant

Highly effective antimicrobial agent after activation

Indications for use:

Highly effective antimicrobial agent after activation

Indicated for high-level disinfection of medical-surgical devices and for cold chemical sterilisation

Two-component reagent system for the production of a disinfectant solution that releases peracetic acid.

Instructions for use:

Insert the contents of the small bottle (precursor) into the container with hydrogen peroxide and shake gently. Wait 15 minutes, keeping the bottle closed: at this point the solution is ready

Features and Benefits:
  • Complies with standards EN 14561, EN 14562, EN 13704, 14563
  • Reagent system for the production of a cold steriliser/disinfectant solution based on peracetic acid. With ACTIVATOR: 14 days
  • Solutions can be brought into close contact with the surfaces to be treated by means of manual procedures (immersion) and automatic systems (instrument washing apparatus) 
  • Contains 43gh Hydrogen Peroxide and 42g Acetyl-Glucopyranose
Presentation Ref. Packaging
One 1000 ml bottle 151179 Twelve 1000 ml bottles
One 5000 ml bottle 151658 Two 5000 ml carafe


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