Naturcare® Ties

High level of protection, type IIR

Indications for use:

High level of protection: type IIR.

Highly effective for bacterial filtration (EFB) % ≥ 98%.

Differential pressure (Pa) (Breathing resistance) < 49.

Splash Resistance Pressure (kPa) ≥ 16.

High level of protection, with 4 thermosealed edges. 

Antimicrobial cleaning (cfu/g) ≤ 30.

Features and Benefits:
  • Perfect fit: adjustable aluminium nose piece, covered with polyethylene to avoid potential rubbing
  • Minimises the risk of allergies: latex-free and fibreglass-free
  • Long and resistant polypropylene ties to ensure correct placement
  • Ease of breathing: the mask is made from a material with high level of protection and low breathing resistance
  • High resistance to breakage, with 4 thermosealed edges
Type of Fastening Colour Box dispenser Ref. Packaging
With ties Green 50 IU 128935 40
With ties Blue 50 IU 128936 40
With ties White 50 IU 128937 40


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