Features Measures Ref. Packaging
Suitcase with contents 280 x 200 x 115 mm 136274 1 IU
Suitcase without contents 280 x 200 x 115 mm 136275 1 IU

First-aid Case

Designed for first-aid care

Indications for use:

Designed for first-aid care

Suitcase format suitable for easy transport. Emergency 2

Suitcase with internal handle made from ABS composed of two equal parts, movable interior separators, transparent interior covers and hermetic closing by neoprene seal around its perimeter. It has a fixing bracket and can be removed quickly.

Features and Benefits:


Oxygenated water, 250 cc Zig zag cotton, 25 gr. Vein compressor. 5 x 2.5 fabric adhesive tape. White cross label with green background 95 x 95 mm. 20 x 20 Gauze, 5 piece sachet. Latex gloves, pair. Isothermal blanket gold/silver. Dissection clamp 11 cm. Povidone iodine 40 cc. Sharp/blunt tip straight scissors 11 cm. 50 x 6 plasters. Assorted plasters, 25 pcs. 5 x 5 bandages. 5 x 7 bandages. 5 x 10 bandages. Cotton triangular bandage.


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