Measures Presentation Ref. Packaging
10 x 10 cm 80 IU clinical pack 156915 8 E.C.
20 x 10 cm 80 IU hosp pack 156917 1 E.C.
25 x 10 cm 50 IU hosp pack 156918 6 E.H.
30 x 10 cm 50 IU hosp pack 156920 6 E.H.
35 x 10 cm 150 IU hosp pack 128506 1 E.H.

Clifixe® TST Adhesive dressing

Cares for and protects acute wounds

Indications for use:

Care and protection for acute wounds

Wound protection and exudate absorption with perfect fit even in difficult-to-bandage areas.

Acts by minimising trauma during dressing changes and avoiding dragging new tissue when removing the dressing.

The layer in contact with the skin is made of non-adherent polyethylene and the absorbent layer is made of non-irritant and non-sensitising viscose in contact with the skin according to ISO 10993-10:1995. Classification according to RD 1591/2009: Class I sterile.

Features and Benefits:
  • Skin-friendly adhesive backing: the hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive is arranged in a way that leaves free pores evenly distributed over the entire surface to promote proper skin transpiration and avoid maceration
  • Atraumatic removal: minimises trauma to the wound, perilesional skin and patient pain at dressing change, as it does not adhere to the wound bed
  • Ready to use: the dressing consists of an absorbent central pad and an adhesive backing to ensure fixation; therefore no handling or additional material is required
  • Rectangular format: covers wounds of different sizes


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